Monday, May 5, 2008

The Steve (TS) and I were working out tonight and we were both on the ellipticals with the individual T.V.'s. Being the dorks that we are, we were both watching a History Channel show about magnets. On the show, they explained how they make magnets out of plastic and how different colored light beams can either raise or lower the magnetism. A blue light increased the capacity by 150% while green light decreased it by that much.

At a commercial break, I tapped TS on the shoulder and proceeded to tell him a theory that had popped up in my head:

Me: Hey, did you see what that green light did to the magnet?
TS: Yeah, why?
Me: Well, Kryptonite is green right? And it glows right?
TS: Yeah....
Me: So that's how it affected Superman!
TS: You're saying Superman is a magnet?
Me: YES!
TS: *Shakes head*

It makes sense though doesn't it? I mean, Superman wasn't human. If he had some sort of magnetic properties then that could explain how he is able to fly. Ha ha. I'm such a nerd, I love it. Ok, I'll get off my nerd soapbox now.

Anyway, I hope everyone of the Orthodox persuasion had a happy Easter (two weekends ago, I know, but better late than never). Christos Anesti! I drug TS to a Greek Orthodox midnight service this year so I could have him experience it just once, since I never go anymore. I managed to not catch my hair on fire*, so over all it was a good time. Here we are before we left:

*you have to hold a lit candle during the ceremony, and by 1:30 am I started falling asleep, but then would wake up realizing I had fire mere inches from some old lady's hair spray laden updo.