Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This is old news to a lot of people, but since I haven't blogged it yet and this is a new blog I thought I would post a little sumthin' sumthin' about it.

I got engaged in March to my best bud of 4 (ish) years (Leslie, you are still my bestest best bud though). On my birthday actually. Normally I would advise against proposing on someones birthday since it can impart a gimmicky vibe, but this was pretty good timing. And it's easy to remember when we got engaged!

I came home from work on Friday in a really poopy mood. I had a few people cut me off in traffic and that just fuels my already simmering road rage. My then-boyfriend, Steve was laying on the couch. At that time he was still working second shift at his job so he had Fridays off. As I plopped down the couch with a grumble he asked me if I wanted to turn on the new floor lamp. Some back story here: I bought a floor lamp off of eBay and Steve and I took it apart, painted it and bought a new glass shade for it (I'll post pics of the process later). He had finished putting it together and wanted me to turn it on. So I walked into the spare bedroom and my first reaction to him was "Hey, where is the shade?" He was leaning on the door frame and replied, "Just turn it on." I reached to turn the little knob and lo and behold something shiny is hanging from it. Before I pick it up, I say, "What's this?". I knew what it was, but it just didn't sink in. I pick it up and look back at him and ask, "Are you serious?"

Yeah, not the best words, but it really took me by surprise. He didn't get on one knee and that's exactly the way I wanted it. I'm also glad he didn't do it in a restaurant or other public place. He asked and I said yes.

Afterwards we went out to dinner at a nice restaurant and I must have been glowing, looking at my ring too much or maybe both because at the end of dinner the server brought us a piece of cheesecake with a single lit candle in it. "We think you guys just got engaged!" It was a really pleasant surprise. I then began deviously thinking of all the other free dessert opportunities I could get. Alas, no other restaurant has given in to the shiny diamond ring that I flashed everywhere saying "free cheeeeeesecake!" under my breath.

Pikachu, the ring bearer

Stay tuned to wedding plans! I'm already head first into this planning thing, and don't worry I don't think I'm a bridezilla or one of those squealy girls who get all worked up about their "big daaaaayyyy!" At least I don't think so.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


At work, I typically eat lunch around 11 unless I have errands to run (errands, shopping, whatevs). Today I ran to Michaels and Goodwill in search of brown shoestrings (didn’t find any. Poopers.) and was starving by the time I got back to work. To add to my torture, I drove by a Chinese restaurant with my windows down and I could smell the yummy goodness. My stomach practically jumped out and grabbed the wheel saying, “Screw your ‘healthy lifestyle’! I’m getting me an egg roll!” I was impressed that my stomach could in fact, drive, but also made the quotation gesture in the air for "healthy lifestyle" with its various…tubes…

Enough of that stuff. As disgusting as that visual is, I’m getting hungry again.

Today I’m test-driving a pair of knee high boots. I’ve never owned a pair since my calves are like tree trunks and I’m hard to fit, but I found some at Target and DSW that have stretch to them. They look really cute with this brown and blue skirt I have but I wanted to give them a go under some pants before I wore them in front of everyone. I’ve had to pull them up a few times today and I do have some “slouchage”.

Excuse my dirty mirror.

So what do you think? Are they supposed to look like that? My fiance says yes, but I'd like a female opinion if I can get one.

PS> Word to the wise. Shave before you wear stretchy boots like this. Every time I pulled them up the fabric caught every little stub of hair I had. It was like a thousand tiny needles poking me in some sort of bizarre torture. I'll never talk Goldfinger!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

First Post!!!11!1!

I'd like to welcome everyone to my new blog.

Hope you enjoy!