Sunday, November 22, 2009

So the story of how our kittens got their names isn't so much a story, per se, but more like an explanation. See, Fargo is our girl and Aya is our boy. Yeah, I come from a family who likes to name their animals odd names.

So Aya first.

Pay attention to meh!

I found Aya as a kitten behind my work back when I was still in school and designing websites for a small company in a small town. He followed me into the building and after I put him back outside I said to him, "If you are still here at 6:00, you are coming home with me." Welp, that brat made me eat my words because he came home with me that night.

I got his name from an anime called Weiss Cruz. And....I thought the kitten I brought home was a girl. See, his...bits hadn't popped out yet, and well, I had already named him Aya by the time the vet told me "Yep, you've got a little boy here." Now, I can't imagine him named anything else.


Fargo was born on my husband's family's property. She was the cutest little fuzz ball I've ever seen. I need to find pictures of her as a kitten. You'll die. The hubs was wanting to get a cat to keep him company (this is before I moved in with him) and I gently (or not so gently, depends on who you talk to) nudged him to take her home. He finally decided to name her Fargo after she barfed in her cat carrier on the way to his house. His reasoning? "The movie Fargo made me a little sick, and so did she on the drive home."

So there you go. Here's some more kitteh pics for you. Because the internet and cats go together like cookies and milk.

These two pictures above are like catching an extinct animal in the wild. It just doesn't happen very often. Fargo is not really what we like to call, "a friendly cat" and HATES Aya with a passion. Sometimes we'll come home and they are sitting together like this. I suspect all the growling and hissing is a front and they secretly are in cahoots to get rid of us.

Turn off the's too bright....


Aimee said...

So cute! I love cats. I don't think I have any pictures of our newest one, Scooder. Maybe sometime soon I'll take some and post how Scooder got his name.

Sarah said...

ha! fantastic and fun names :) that last photo is so cute!

Rhonda said...

Your cats rock. I like cats, but I love pictures of cats. Keep them coming.